The Amazing Sun

The Amazing Sun

woensdag 1 februari 2012

USB Necklaces

I was browsing Google Images lately, and I found this picture of an owl-USB-neclace.
Amazad, I typed in ''USB Necklaces'' and a whole load of pictures came out. So here they are:

Apple USB Drive:

Blue Crystal USB Necklace:

Golden Slipper USB Necklace:

Foot USB Necklace:

Guitar USB Necklace: 

Pink Heart USB Necklace 

Colored Yewelry USB Necklace: 

Skull USB Necklace (My Least Favorite): 

This was the one I was talking about -
Owl USB Necklace:

Robot USB Necklace:

Rose USB Necklace: 

Rose Patch USB Necklace: 

Jewel-Bug USB Necklace: 

Mobile Phone USB Necklaces: 

Modern USB Necklaces: 
Apples, Phone and Cross USB Necklaces:
I hope you enjoyed this! 

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